Dear sirs,

Today, December 15th, 2019, as you may know, is the birthday of the Bill of Rights. I am writing you to request that you support our Constitution and specifically the 2nd Amendment.  Today, 2nd Amendment supporters all across the country are holding a social media rally.  We are contacting our representatives to ask them to support the 2nd Amendment and of course, the Constitution as a whole but our passion lies with the 2nd Amendment and we want to remind our representatives of our passion.  This passion directs our voting habits on election day

We are asking that you vote "NO" to red flag laws or any other unconstitutional gun control legislation that may be submitted in congress.  I have personally studied this subject (my research is here  I not just a guy who is typing on his keyboard to participate in a social media event.  I, along with many others who are participating, have studied the effects of gun legislation and as we have found, these laws only prevent law abiding citizens from owning firearms and have very little effect on crime and violence.  Please understand that we are an informed group of citizens and that we will exercise our civil rights as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights that we celebrate today. We will see you at the polls in 2020! 

And as a side note, please end this impeachment debacle.  I support our president and this charade has gone on for way to long.  It is an embarrassment of our country and ignores what the president has done to improve our foreign policy, trade, security and economy.  I hope that you will spread this event and the words we present to others in congress.  Sincerely, ~Tony Griffy2afundrev

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