Frustrated with how I see some big 2nd Amendment organizations losing their grassroots, I have set out to help fund projects that I think keep the spirit of freedom alive. These will be small projects that I think will have a large impact on awareness of the 2nd Amendment.

Projects such as funding trips to events for people I see as ambassadors for the 2nd Amendment.  It might include paying for a hotel room for Shot Show or gas money to get to the Gun Rights Policy Conference   I can see funding some rebels to go the annual NRA meeting and causing a fuss there! There will be many fun projects to fund.  Maybe you can help!

I also want to produce my own report card on organizations we expect to maintain support for the 2nd Amendment.  I think we all know where this is leading, much fun! If you want to help, contact me here.  I will be holding several fundraisers a year and selling different items such as firearms, gear and t-shirts.  All of this is coming soon!

What do you think?

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