SupplyDrop2I am happy to announce the Supply Drops for February 2019 go to 2A4E Diversity Shoot and TYMP Project!

The Diversity Shoot, headed by Tony Simon, is a pro-2nd Amendment educational workshop aimed at informing new and current firearms owners about what they can do to grow and strengthen 2A rights. It is designed to welcome all people into the 2A community regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or financial status. They welcome all law-abiding people to come out and join the family. will be donating a.22LR Crickett CPR to be used to inspire youth to get into the shooting sports.

The TYMP Project, headed by The YankeeMarshal of YouTube fame, is a not-for-profit program dedicated to the belief that the right to self-defense is for everyone... not just those that can afford it. We are a group of people dedicated to bringing the gift of self-protection and self-reliance to decent, law abiding citizens in need all across the United States. Thus far, the Project has provided an average of five people per month the ability to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.. The Yankee Marshal Posse Pistol Project is entirely funded by viewer support via Patreon and direct donations via PayPal. The more supporters the Project has, the more people will be provided the ability to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. is donating $100 to support this project. supports grassroots projects monthly that advocate and support the 2nd Amendment.  To nominate someone go here.  The next Supply Drop will be in March! 

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