I am really happy about July's Supply Drop!  I have been getting to know Tony Simon better over the past few months and he is a heck of a guy!  His 2A4E Diversity Shoot is the type of project I really want to support.  Tony is actively getting new people into 2A activism with his Minuteman Challenge competitions and 2A4E grassroots movement.  We donated $100 to help him with whatever he needs to keep doing the good work.  

I am also happy to announce we are providing hosting for DiversityShoot.com.  We will provide this service to Tony's organization as long as he needs it.  We are proud to be able to help out with the website until Tony becomes a big timer and doesn't need us any longer ).  At the rate he is going, that will not be long.  It is literally just a day old and Tony will be learning the content management system and placing new content soon.  We hope you will check it out and use the social network links and also links to his 10/22 clothing website.  


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